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About Me

I've been building since childhood. My current goal is to actively encourage people to build and create anything they can dream up, even and especially if don't think they can make anything.
On occasion I still do commissions and custom work, but my passion is teaching what I know.

So in the spirit of all the great makers, I have a youtube channel and give access to my shop for folks of all skill levels.
It used to be "That looks good enough to be store bought." and now it's "You made that!"
I know there are like-minded people in the Maker community and elsewhere who love the idea that if you need something, you might as well build it yourself.


Makerspace at the Retreat

The "come and make something in my shop" wing.

Ian has been working on the lathe, hand-making rings out of acrylic and metal. His dedication to perfecting one skill has produced some beautiful pieces. 

Cody works with electronics to create dazzling show displays. He has built a light wall, a confetti cannon and an LED wall that is modular and expandable.  He learned to solder here and took off after that.

Wanda is a musician, designer, artist, and crafter. Her projects and skillset include jewelry, graphic design, drawing, art framing, wood and metalwork, aesthetic consultation, and special problem solving. 

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